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Medical Coding and Billing Training course for a period of 3 months is provided by Aldos Medical Coding Institute in Kochi leading to the AMCB Certificate (Advanced Medical Coding and Billing Certificate)

Advantages of Medical Coding Training for Nursing and Para Medical Professionals is that they can always have a second job option, in case they are having difficulties in securing good and high paid jobs in their current profession.

The employers (hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, health insurance companies, TPAs, outsourcing Medical Coding Companies) prefer nursing and para medical professionals with medical coding training and certification to do medical coding jobs and the salary is also higher for nursing and para medical professionals in medical coding.

ALDOS INSTITUTE for medical coding kochi offers 2 levels of training courses. Level 1 (CMCB) Level 2 (AMCB).

CMCB: If you would like to have medical coding certificate and knowledge as a backup while applying for jobs and improving your CV then this is a good option for nursing and para medical professionals.

AMCB: If you plan to switch career and develop as a full fledged medical coding professional with AAPC, AHIMA, MCPA credentials, then this would be a better option for you as this course will prepare you for the certification exams as well.

AMCB: Advanced Medical Coding and Billing Course

MCPA CCP – 10: ICD 10 CM Course

AAPC : CPC Exam Preparation

AHIMA: CCA Exam Preparation

AAPC – CPC-H and AHIMA – CCS Exam preparation is available for experienced Medical Coding Professionals.

Contact Details: Phone Number: +91 7736077770


No. 32/2309D, Nelliparambil Lane,
Opposite Varkey’s Bakery,
Kochi -25 (Lane Opposite to Varkey’s Bakery)

Phone Number: +91 7736077770

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